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Darkstore Micro-fulfillment

What is Micro-fulfillment?

Retailers are being pressured to satisfy consumer demands especially for eCommerce and online grocery ordering and fulfillment. Automated micro-fulfillment centers (MFC) utilize robotics and artificial intelligence to reduce labor costs, reduce complexity, better manage inventory, and increase the customer experience.

MFCs can be installed inside grocery stores or in offsite locations. A single MFC can fulfill thousands of online orders weekly. MFCs can also fulfill Click-and-Collect drive-thru orders. Micro-fulfillment is a must-have for retailers.

Micro-fulfillment is an integral part of the Grocery Store of the Future.


Our Industry is Changing…

Boost in eCommerce Sales

Estimated double-digit growth in eCommerce sales through 2030

3 out of 4 people will own a mobile-connected device by 2030

Automation & Robotization

Industry 4.0 $152.7 billion in estimated global market for robots and A.I. by 2020 with double-digit growth expected through 2030

Increased Labor Costs drive automation in many countries

Growth in Global Urbanization

91% of global consumption growth generated in cities from 2015-2030

Growth in commercial real estate costs force businesses to look for space-efficient solutions

Demand for
Delivery Speed & Accuracy

Omni-channel consumers look for a seamless shopping experience, creating a demand for smart logistics and inventory management

Warehouse Software

Our proprietary warehouse software, PULSE.exe, provides both Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) functionality. Its cost-effective software tools provide comprehensive processes to streamline your warehouse operations.

PULSE.exe is an integration tool that provides operational insight and performance optimization throughout the warehouse or distribution center. It features:

  • Flexible, tightly integrated system
  • Advanced management capabilities for inventory control, resource scheduling, and order management
  • Modular, easily configurable, and scalable to easily adapt to your company’s current and future needs

What makes PULSE.exe unique:

  • Connects “up” to the host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Self-contained traceability
  • Connects “down” to factory floor
  • Manages work in process (WIP) inventory
  • Manages raw material (RM) and finished goods (FG) inventory
  • Directs multiple fleet managers (mixed fleet)
  • Expandable for B2B e-commerce (less than truckload [LTL] & mixed pallets)
  • Expandable for B2C e-commerce (each picking)

Technology Partners


Goods-to-person storage optimization systems that are custom-fit to your business.


Mobile transportation that takes goods from point A to B or C with minimal disruption and maximum effeciency.


Connecting areas of your DC with belts and rollers to expertly move product.


Intelligence at every level, including how your product is picked, packed, and handled.

DAMBACH Lagersysteme


Automated storage and retrieval systems that perfectly fit your specific business model.


From software to simulations, these companies bring your operation into the modern world.

PULSE Integration helps your company leverage the right mix of technology (both digital and physical) in your facilities

The Latest from PULSE Integration





Hundreds of Happy Customers

Keurig Dr Pepper

Learn how PULSE Integration modernized production and warehouse operations for Keurig Dr Pepper in this case study.

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Learn how PULSE has partnered with McKesson High Volume Solutions on more than 60 projects.

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Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Learn how PULSE Integration built the most advanced cold-chain distribution operation in the world for Wyeth.

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Learn how PULSE Integration controlled costs of delivery for direct-to-consumer goods company

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Utz Quality Foods

Learn how PULSE Integration streamlined and automated good quality control for Utz Quality Foods in this case study.

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Our Clients Say…

“I can summarize my experience with the team as a true partnership. When we look for a partner and Keurig's Innovation Supplier of the Year, we look for knowledge, bandwidth, and discipline to strengthen our business skills and the expertise to execute processes. The [PULSE] team delivers on our business needs and does so in the spirit of transparency and flexibility.”

Director of Engineering
Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper


“The team has supplied various materials handling equipment and systems to Quaker Oats in support of our Gatorade Bottling Operation. I was extremely pleased with the entire process from order to installation. It went a lot better than I had envisioned. Your guys did an excellent job.”

Thomas Mervine
MRO Maintenance Supervisor
Quaker Oats Company

Quaker Oats Company

“There are a multitude of design firms out there with varying levels of expertise – some good, some bad. We had great experiences with [the PULSE team] and if you are looking for a qualified firm then I suggest them.”

​James Cafone
Sr. Director Distribution
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals



Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 


“We are looking for foreign objects, missing product, seasoning conglomerates, and incorrect weights. Our food safety goal is to X-ray every product. This has been a huge help.”

Jeff Fuhrman
Vice President of Engineering
Utz Quality Foods



Utz Quality Foods 



“We believe the innovations developed for this application set the stage for implementing carousel technology, easily and cost effectively, in a variety of new industries, including apparel and footwear. The cost per CF of storage has been reduced by 40%, allowing productivity to increase significantly and improve ROI for our clients.”

​Tom Coyne
CEO of Diamond Phoenix

Diamond Phoenix

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