AutoStore Black Line Robots

PULSE Integration’s partner, AutoStore, recently released their newest version, the Black Line. This new line of modules is joining the AutoStore flagship Red Line and is designed for high demand systems. With revolutionary, uncompromising design throughout the line, they now offer Cube Storage Automation to users with very high throughput requirements.

The Black Line features the new B1 Robot, a slimmed-down, lighter robot with a Cavity design. The B1 is packed with innovative features including exchangeable BattPack™ Lithium-ion battery technology and Direct Drive Wheels. The cavity design is sleeker, using less space in an area where space is everything. It is almost half the size of the R5. The bin lift mechanism is mounted central and high to carry bins within the robot body. Utilizing the higher body and Cavity design, the B1 can carry and dig taller bins. With a top storage layer for digging and sorting, no bins block the grid, allowing for more sophisticated driving patterns and higher speeds.

B1 will never rest, not even for charging. Their patented BattPack technology is a state-of-the-art battery concept where the robot will pick up a fully charged battery whenever needed. The BattPack ejection tray can drop and pick up battery-units at BattPack stations placed around the grid.

By having individual direct-drive motors in each wheelbase and removing the need for drive belts, the robot acceleration is 75% higher than that of R5. On average B1’s delivery performance is 20% higher than R5.

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