AutoStore: The Cube

In this demanding and ever-changing market, efficiency and cost reduction are keys to success. Ceiling lights, heating, and cooling a building consume large amounts of power, adding costs to your business.

This is where AutoStore’s unique design adapts to the cost reduction needs of your business. With high-density enhanced substantial utilization of a building’s footprint, wasteful air purification, heating, and cooling operations can be reduced.

AutoStore’s robots can operate without any lighting and will operate throughout the night to meet your demanding markets. AutoStore robots consume very little energy. In fact, a system with 10 robots will use the same about of energy as a vacuum cleaner!

The new B1 model (The Black Line) has a Battery Pack, allowing it to switch low batteries and work on a 24/7 basis. Both the R5 and B1 have regenerative energy functions that return power to the batteries each time a robot lowers a bin or reduces speed.

Not only can AutoStore reduce your costs, but their unique high-density design is the very definition of space efficiency as it delivers the highest storage density ratio of any AS/RS.

With AutoStore, you can achieve four times the storage capacity within the same footprint as with manual storage, and, in many cases, double the storage capacity compared to other goods-to-person systems. Their grid design is highly adaptable to any building, making space utilization the most optimum.