Case Study:

PULSE Integration and Maintaining costs while scaling fulfillment operations

The Challenge

Zappos Diagram

A leader in direct-to-consumer goods, was faced with the challenge of filling tens of thousands of orders per day. Online shoppers expect a high level of attention to detail and quick delivery of their goods. To keep profitability stable, needed to implement a system to control costs, without lowering the integrity of their product offering.

The Solution

PULSE Integration and Diamond Phoenix designed and integrated an order fulfillment system that includes the largest horizontal carousel system ever built, measured in cubic feet of storage space. The finished system features 130 carousels encompassing 6,300 cubic feet per carousel. This is a total of 756,00 cubic feet of storage!

  • Reduced cost per unit shipped
  • Reduced cost/cubic foot of storage
  • Productivity increase
  • Ability to react in an efficient manner to dramatically increasing volumes

Online Footwear Retailer

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Zappos Case Study