Micro-fulfillment as a Solution (MaaS)

The Outsourced Model for Micro-fulfillment

The growth of e-commerce, and the increased desire on the part of customers for immediate gratification, is driving increased interest for micro-fulfillment. The challenge for many retailers is that they do not want to own and operate their own micro-fulfillment centers.

Micro-fulfillment as a Solution (MaaS) meets the needs for retailers to leverage micro-fulfillment centers close to their customers without upfront capital costs. Micro-fulfillment centers are installed in warehouses and other facilities located within cities across the United States. We can install Micro-fulfillment Centers in facilities owned by retailers.

MaaS is designed to meet the fulfillment needs of:

  • Grocery retailers
  • Specialty retailers
  • Convenience stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Big Box stores
  • Department stores
  • Warehouse clubs
  • Direct-to-Consumer brands that operate without stores and/or pop-up stores
Darkstore Micro-fulfillment

MaaS works by having retailers provide their best-selling products to the MaaS locations required to meet customer demand. Advanced analytics are utilized to determine the optimal locations for placing inventory within one or many regions. Sales and inventory data are continually analyzed to ensure your products are always in stock. Retailers have the option of including inventory pick-up and replenishment services as part of MaaS simplifying the process even more.

We are experts at software and technology. We integrate with the website of each retailer that contracts MaaS. This provides your customers with up-to-date inventory and product availability including shipping times. As customers place orders, our automated micro-fulfillment centers pick, pack, and ship the products to the desired locations. We can integrate with any 3rd-party delivery company. Customers are informed about their orders until they are received.

The advantages of using MaaS include increased speed of fulfillment including same-day and next-day shipping and delivery. Decreased costs; pay only for the costs associated with placing inventory into the Micro-fulfillment Center and the fees associated with fulfilling and delivering orders.