Habitat Selects PULSE Integration To Implement A New Distribution Center 5-22-20


PULSE Integration has proudly partnered with Habitat Clothes to deliver an AutoStore technology solution for their Distribution Center.

Developed in 1999, Habitat Clothes has grown from a thoughtfully designed t-shirt line of eight styles to now selling a full designer line of women apparel to 1200 specialty stores across the country and online. PULSE Integration, a full system integrator, combining design expertise, seamless integration, and intentional transparency, provides clients with scalable engineered solutions. PULSE Integration’s innovative team developed a customized data-driven analysis that led to a creative solution utilizing AutoStore high-density cube storage. PULSE Integration not only created a customized engineered solution from their analysis and expertise, but they also provided Habitat clothes with LifeTime Services to maximize uptime and performance of the system.

The AutoStore system that PULSE designed for Habitat will be built out in phases as the company grows. The new automated fulfillment system provides the following advantages:

  • The AutoStore system provides extreme storage efficiency which reduces the space required to operate the business by two thirds. This allowed Habitat to lease a smaller facility.
  • The unmatched labor efficiency offered by the AutoStore system reduces the company’s dependence on seasonal labor.
  • The PULSE.exe software system streamlines the end to end fulfillment process and improves order accuracy, traceability, and overall service level.

The AutoStore system empowered by PULSE Integration will automate Habitat’s previously manual receiving, put away, picking, packing, and shipping operations. The new facility located in Sharon, MA, will encompass a 7,000 bin, 4 port, AutoStore system and is slated to be up and running by the end of September 2020.

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