Kuecker Pulse Integration (KPI) is proud to announce and welcome Tara Smith as the company’s Graphic Designer.

Tara joins the KPI family with 20+ years in the field of graphic design with expertise in brand management and design.

Tara has held creative positions to include: Graphic Designer for Integré Advertising by Design, and Graphic Designer for Gaffney & Associates where she served clients including Honeywell, and GE. She most recently held the position of Art Director for RocketLawnchair where she uncovered and developed effective mixes of marketing materials to target audiences while continuing building brand awareness and accelerate revenue.

Tara holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Illustration.  She is an expert in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office platforms. During her time as a freelance Graphic Designer, Tara spent time teaching designers Adobe Platforms.

Tara’s experience in the graphic design industry will greatly aid KPI in their customer renovation and or implementation projects. KPI proudly welcomes Tara to the team as an integral asset now and in future endeavors.

About KPI (Kuecker Pulse Integration)

KPI combines design expertise, seamless integration, and management transparency to our approach in small-and large-scale supply chain solutions for manufacturing, 3PL, and retail marketplaces.