PULSE Integration / WEPCO Team 2019

PULSE Integration’s team recently met at the world headquarters in Pittston, Pennsylvania, where they partook in three-day sessions of training, education, and technology demonstrations. Team members engaged in various staff training to include a project management summit, sales process training, company organizational updates, and technical presentations of AutoStore and OTTO technology.

Staff participated in evening team-building exercises to further encourage and develop the cohesive and engaging culture within PULSE Integration.

All staff was given a detailed tour of AutoStore technology in the Pittston Center of Excellence. The training and education were followed by a company-wide town hall meeting encompassing business updates, new developments, and AutoStore and OTTO technology.

PULSE Integration ended their week of hard work with an annual Summer celebration to show appreciation to their team of dedicated employees. The celebration featured food, games, team building, and heartwarming speeches from the executive leadership team.