Discover fully automated, high-density automated storage and retrieval with the flexibility and scalability you need in today’s demanding high-throughput operations. PULSE Integration features automated storage and retrieval powered by RAFT. This system swiftly navigates the changing landscape of order fulfillment through the integration of cutting-edge automation.

Omni MoleUnlike traditional one-directional pallet shuttle systems, RAFT AS/RS uses a 3-dimensional “lift and run” system. Pallets are lifted to the designated storage level, transferred both cross-lane and down-lane – to the next available pallet position.


  • Based on proven pallet mole technology
  • Multiple RAFT Robot units can be assigned to same level and same destination
  • No “congestion” of cross-travel lanes by Carts on the same level
  • Much higher throughput is achievable, due to multiple RAFT Robot units being able to operate on same level
  • AS/RS Storage Solution comprises of only 2 Resource types (RAFT Robot & VTU) and not 3 for traditional “Cart & Satellite” systems
  • Circular Routing results in simplified operation & higher throughput


  • Optimized storage space utilization Improved material flow & order throughput
  • Complete visibility of completed vs. in-process orders
  • Reduction in labor & overhead costs
  • Flexible & Scalable – option to fully integrate with AGVs
  • Minimized warehouse carbon footprint
  • Customized & adaptable fulfillment solution
  • Maximized storage density & pallet accessibility

“What AutoStore is to best in class each pick fulfillment automation, SRSI’s RAFT system is to full pallet storage and retrieval automation. The two technologies complement each other extremely well to create a seamless, highly modular and flexible Distribution Center of the future. And it’s here today!” – Christopher Paulsen, CEO, PULSE Integration