With the world ever changing and increasing demand for convenience, personalization, and more digital adoption, the grocery and retail arenas are quickly adapting to meet growing consumer needs.

PULSE Integration is Redefining the Micro-Fulfillment Space Utilizing AutoStore Technology 1-28-20

When most consumers think e-Commerce and the digital age, they think the end of the traditional brick and mortar stores and purely online retail. While online sales continue to rise each year, there remain some personalized options consumers are not able to obtain solely online. Whether it is selecting the perfect thin slice of meat from your personal deli or hand-picking your produce or just the ease of trying on a shirt to feel the fabric, there is still an inherent need for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, it is essential to find the perfect blend of two worlds.

There have already been new developments in this area to include curbside pickup, online delivery and click and collect meal planning. However, these viable options still do not solve convenience and personalization that consumers so strongly desire. Therefore, the future of grocery and retail is omni-channel to bridge the online and in-store experience and give customers more flexibility.

What’s an omni-store, exactly? An omni-store is a physical store paired with digital services. It is the seamless combination of the online and brick-and-mortar store.

Grocery Store of the Future





Automated Fulfillment In-Store

Utilizing options such as the AutoStore grid and other emerging technologies, current brick-and-mortar stores can utilize their center aisles for AutoStore high-density storage for space efficiency. Customers can have their groceries or retail goods consolidated in less than 10 minutes via the AutoStore system and fulfillment applications such as PULSE.exe or Powerpick, by locai Solutions. Grocery stores utilizing locai’s PowerPick fulfillment application can efficiently pick and pack an order of 30 items in under 5 minutes!


One store will satisfy both the in-store experience and the eCommerce customers. Customers can shop within the store on their mobile devices or from digital kiosks within the store.

Engaging In-Store Experience

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences, attractions, or personalized services. With no single point of failure, the design provides customers with a near 100% system availability.


Convenient Click & Collect 24/7

The automated storage and picking system provides a flexible self-service experience. Customers can collect online orders in a few minutes. Curbside & Last Mile Delivery allows customers to select their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders curbside or get home delivery.

Build Today For Tomorrow

The highest density of cubic space utilization uses space to its fullest capacity and makes it possible to expand product assortment. AutoStore’s modular solution is fully customizable to fit any height, floor shape, and obstacles. A standardized system permits easy and enables fast installation. The design is modular-based, and just like building blocks, you can build any shape, form, or height you need.

Omnistore Cuhaci & Peterson

The future is ever-changing, with more forms of digital experiences emerging every day. Automation coupled with digital applications serves as the perfect combination of convenience and personalization, to fulfill increasing efficiency and consumer demand.

Why Choose PULSE Integration for your Micro-Fulfillment Space Utilization in Retail & Grocery?

We are a full system integrator working diligently to provide a customized solution for every client. Combining design expertise, seamless integration with intentional transparency to provide clients with scalable engineered solutions. We have cultivated over 45 years of material handling experience, to specifically help companies leverage the right mix of technology (digital and physical) in their facilities. Our team ingrains Industry 4.0 Thinking into the design philosophy at every level to deliver truly agnostic solutions that adapt to continuously evolving customer requirements.


Our Experienced Team Provides:

  • Transparent Process

From system analysis to implementation, we believe our clients should understand how and why our engineered solutions work for them.

  • Vendor Neutral Solutions

We are committed to providing the right solutions, not the popular ones. Your equipment and software selections should be based solely on how well they fit and function within your facility.

  • Design Philosophy

Our software designs include Industry 4.0 Thinking by enabling all systems to be ready for cloud computing, eCommerce websites, and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

  • Strategic Partnerships

During system design, we optimize the value chain and select qualified vendors, while aligning with strategic partners for essential system components.

Meet Our Key Partners in Retail & Grocery Transformation:


AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer Cube Storage Automation; the densest storage solution in existence. Our focus is to marry software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of warehousing. The company is global with more than 400 installations in 30 countries in a wide range of industries. All sales are distributed, designed, installed, and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators we call partners. Our headquarters is in Nedre Vats, Norway, and with offices in France, Germany, Japan, Poland, the UK, and US. For more information visit: https://autostoresystem.com/

locai Solutions

Founded in 2018 by eGrocery veterans from FreshDirect and Peapod, locai is the first company to offer an end-to-end eCommerce solution for grocers. Their software suite includes an engaging eCommerce site configurable to the retailer’s brand, a personalized meal planning application that can easily be integrated into any eCommerce site, an Endless Aisle application to expand a grocer’s assortment plus a fulfillment application for use in-store or distribution centers. It’s locai’s mission to enable grocers to foster a direct relationship with their customers through an engaging omni-channel customer experience that engenders greater customer loyalty and to do so in a way that allows grocers to scale their online operations profitably. For more information visit: https://www.locaisolutions.com/

Cuhaci & Peterson

Cuhaci & Peterson is a national architecture, engineering, and planning firm specializing in end-to-end commercial design solutions. Founded in 1978, the company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with additional offices in Philadelphia and Boston, and is licensed in 49 states. C&P’s mission of transforming ideas into value is enhanced by a staff of experts who collaborate with clients to translate their visions into designs that elevate their brands. For more information visit: http://www.c-p.com

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