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PULSE Integration, a WEPCO Company, is proud to announce that they are new members of the industry-leading, International Warehouse and Logistics Association.

PULSE Integration combines strategic design expertise with seamless integration and intentional transparency to provide clients with scalable engineered solutions. With clients across North America, PULSE Integration utilizes Industry 4.0 thinking in every design, allowing the delivery of technology neutral, data-driven solutions that adapt to ever changing consumer demands and markets.

PULSE Integration’s experienced team provides:

Transparent Process
From system analysis to implementation, we believe clients should understand how and why selected engineered solutions work for them.

Technology Neutral Solutions
We are committed to providing the right solutions, not the popular ones. Your equipment and software selections should be based solely on how well they fit and function within your facility.

Design Philosophy
Our software designs include Industry 4.0 thinking, enabling all systems to be capable of eCommerce website integration, Internet of Things (IoT) communication, and cloud computing ready.

Strategic Partnerships
During system design, we optimize the value chain and select qualified vendors, while aligning with strategic partners for essential system components.

The IWLA has served warehouse logistics organizations since its establishment in the early 1800s representing warehouse operators’ interests. With the maturity of logistics, it has grown from the American Warehouse Association into the well-known International Warehouse Logistics Association. IWLA represents companies ranging from small 10,000-square-foot, single-city warehouses to large international companies with most companies operating in North America.

PULSE Integration is delighted to announce their membership to the IWLA and is optimistic that this new affiliation will expand PULSE Integration’s expertise better allowing us to serve this growing industry sector and market’s needs.