Holly KrulikowskiEvery industry and company possesses crucial skills and features setting it apart from the competition in an ever changing world.
At PULSE Integration, we are industry leaders because every employee embodies our culture. Our values provide us with the compass that directs our teamwork, sensitivity to client’s needs, and fuels our commitment to excellence. Our value is in the strength of our ever growing talent.
We take this time to recognize one of our valued associates, Holly Krulikowski. Holly is a 3-D Modeling Specialist with a background in Systems Engineering. Holly’s aptitude in 3-D modeling, combined with her attention to detail and unmatched dedication toward client satisfaction, allows Holly to generate custom design creations that are incomparably the finest in the industry. Utilizing specialized software Holly can model existing items as well as designs that have not yet been built.
Using 3D modeling provides realistic feedback in place of the real automated system and does not disrupt existing production. 3D Modeling allows end users to visualize space requirements and improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. By utilizing 3D walkthrough software, users can easily see whether the design allows for equipment maintenance access, operational access, and addresses safety concerns. This allows PULSE to create a more user-friendly custom design for every client.

How does this translate to our clients?

Realistic, Easy, Quick – An Image Speaks a Thousand Words
Clients see a more vivid approach to their design and can make and see viable changes. Life-like models give a more compelling view.
Easy Remodeling & Corrections
It’s easier to see the impact on the overall design changes made, this helps finalize the design quicker. Also, alleviates costs incurred unexpectedly in post-construction as minor changes can be seen in more detail.
Impact on Project Execution
Less rework of individual drawings and fewer requests for information. Plus more detail causes less change orders and fluidity in time of construction to facility turnover.
Better for Marketing & Project Approvals
3-D modeling and the vivid colors and layouts linger in the clients mind longer. Project approval rate in construction is quicker using a more detailed replica.
A 3D model can clearly show the physical dimensions of the objects and its relation to other objects overall. This helps clients adjust as needed and takes in to account things like space, movement constraints, plumbing, and even fire protection systems.
Fewer Instructions
Unlike 2D designs which may require some explanation, 3D designs are almost instruction-less as it most resembles reality.