Strategy. The Big Moves in Strategy & Micro-fulfillment We Can Expect from Amazon, Walmart, & Other Retailers

Among the topics covered in this webinar were:

  • What’s next for Amazon and Walmart in micro-fulfillment and strategy?
  • What’s the first thing a retailer should do when considering micro-fulfillment?
  • Beware of Startups – Many micro-fulfillment companies are funded by venture capital; what happens when the money runs out?
  • What company offers the best micro-fulfillment solution on the market?
  • The 10 questions every company should ask micro-fulfillment vendors
  • How department stores and specialty retailers can leverage micro-fulfillment technology
  • The grocery store of the future…today
  • Micro-fulfillment as a Service (MaaS)
  • Lessons Learned – How not to make mistakes when it comes to micro-fulfillment
  • And much more!!

Watch the recording here

Download the webinar deck here