AutoStore to Showcase Black Line Robotic Cube System and Micro-Fulfillment Solutions

AutoStore to Showcase Black Line Robotic Cube System and Micro-Fulfillment Solutions

AutoStore Black Line Robots

Norwegian Robotics Company, AutoStore System, will be in Toronto, Canada, showcasing its new Black Line Robotic modules from its award-winning cube storage system. The event will also feature an innovative integrated robotic piece-picking solution designed for 24/7 operations.

Founded in 1996, AutoStore is a revolutionary goods-to-person solution with over 400 installed systems in 30 countries around the world, all in various industries. Its simple design provides a highly effective automated storage and retrieval system maximizing warehouse space, labor productivity, and order accuracy. The Black Line features new robots designed for high demand operations. The new robots and new workstations will allow companies to meet peak volumes and fluctuations in orders, giving them the ability to speed up their supply chain when required.

The new robotic arm can pick and place a wide range of items, fulfilling orders at high speeds. The system uses vision, machine learning and a multi-function gripper with gripping fingers that can be used independently or in tandem with humans at the same picking station for maximum flexibility.

Since its humble beginnings, AutoStore, has won many design and supply chain awards. In 2019 alone, AutoStore, was named – Game Changer (DELIVER 2019), Reader’s Choice Product of the Year (from MHPN), Business of the Year (European Business Award), and a Green Supply Chain Award recipient (Supply & Demand Chain Executive).

This event is currently restricted to supply chain leaders, consultants, engineers, executives and senior management of companies currently planning the implementation of automation in their respective organizations.

Students and professors interested in robotics, automation, and supply chain management can book tickets by contacting

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