Next Level Grocery Retail. Are You Ready For The Lightning Strike?

Next Level Grocery Retail. Are You Ready For The Lightning Strike?

Retail executives, especially in the grocery industry, have come to the realization that the world in which they used to operate no longer exists. Empty shelves, a continuous Bullwhip Effect, and consumers buying not only out of need but out of fear have become the new normal. When will the good old days of just a few weeks ago return? Maybe never.

Here at PULSE, we understand systems and business. We can’t turn back time, but can we help grocery retailers turn the page to accelerating the adoption of technology and a business model that will reduce costs and complexity while increasing performance and creating a competitive advantage.

Next Level Grocery Retail

We call the methodology Lightning Strike


An Accelerated Process

The process begins with an abbreviated yet highly detailed assessment of a retailer’s current state operations, technology, and supply chain. Referred to as an Accelerated Solutions Engagement, we leverage the information gathered during the assessment to conduct a two-day workshop where we outline multiple scenarios of how the leading micro-fulfillment center, AutoStore, can be installed inside stores, attached to stores or installed in an offsite location. We then work to give the retailer unimagined capabilities to rapidly fulfill online grocery orders, assemble Click and Collect orders, operate AutoStore-powered dark stores, or even create a new rapid build and replenish retail format centered around an AutoStore.

Now Is The Time!


As with any disruption in global supply chains or the economy, ripple effects occur. In our experience, it is during the period of ripple effects when most new opportunities are identified.

What we have identified during this time of crisis is that the adoption of online grocery retail will grow much faster than ever seemed possible just a few short weeks ago. 

The crisis has also uncovered a painful truth – grocery retailers are unable to meet increased demand for online services using their current state business models. Lightning Strike is your opportunity to transform from a static retailer heavily dependent on physical stores to meet demand to a retailer capable of fulfilling thousands of online grocery orders and thousands of walk-up and drive-thru orders through automation 24/7 365 days per year.

Retailers have often used their stores to fulfill online orders. But as demand skyrockets – both in stores and online – many are finding that there’s little inventory left for delivery orders. Some have started talking about quickly opening “dark stores” – locations where inventory is picked for online orders, but closed to the public, Ladd said. “Grocery retailers are saying, ‘How quickly can we open dark stores and automate as much as this as possible before the virus gets worse?’,” he said. “This is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.” – The Washington Post with PULSE Integration’s Brittain Ladd

We’re Ready To Move

What would normally take other systems integrators up to 18 months to achieve, we can accomplish in six to nine months regardless of the number of installations requested by the retailer. Unlike systems integrators that relay on numerous third-parties to complete their installations, we are a vertically integrated “super SI” capable of providing consulting on the topics of the future of the grocery industry; micro-fulfillment; supply chain and logistics; last-mile delivery; competitor and strategic analysis; strategy; and of course, how to leverage AutoStore to take your business to new heights.


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