PULSE Integration is Proud to Support Student Day at MODEX 2020

PULSE Integration is Proud to Support Student Day at MODEX 2020

MODEX Student Day 2020


PULSE Integration is delighted to announce their support for the MODEX 2020 Student Day.

Student Day comprises a group of industry experts who share their expertise as a tour guide or participate as an exhibitor tour stop for the show floor tours. PULSE Integration’s President, Larry Strayhorn, will be leading guided tours. Their booth #7075 exhibiting micro-fulfillment solutions will be a tour stop on the guided tours. This is an opportunity to share the best of the industry and create a connection to next-generation talent.

Come see PULSE Integration and proud partners AutoStore, OTTO, and Tompkins t-Sort as they present micro-fulfillment in action!


PULSE Integration Announces Partnership with Tompkins Robotics

PULSE Integration Announces Partnership with Tompkins Robotics


PULSE Integration announces a strategic partnership with Tompkins Robotics, a leading provider of portable, scalable autonomous mobile robots. PULSE Integration and Tompkins Robotics will be offering this unique solution to their clients in the manufacturing, 3PL, and retail industries to help its clients streamline and improve fulfillment operations.

PULSE Integration is delighted to announce this partnership and is optimistic that this new affiliation will expand their expertise better allowing them to serve this growing industry sector and market’s needs. Tompkins Robotics offers the perfect complementary partnership to PULSE Integration’s existing partnership with AutoStore storage solutions.

About PULSE Integration

PULSE Integration based in Pittston PA, combines design expertise, seamless integration, management transparency, and best in class digital and physical technologies to their approach in small- and large-scale supply chain solutions for manufacturing, 3PL, and retail marketplaces. PULSE Integration’s experienced team provides:

Transparent Process

  • From system analysis to implementation, we believe clients should understand how and why selected engineered solutions work for them.

Technology Neutral Solutions

  • We are committed to providing the right solutions, not the popular ones. Your equipment and software selections should be based solely on how well they fit and function within your facility.

Design Philosophy

  • Our software designs include Industry 4.0 thinking, enabling all systems to be capable of eCommerce website integration, Internet of Things (IoT) communication and cloud computing ready.

Strategic Partnerships

  • During system design, we optimize the value chain and select qualified vendors, while aligning with strategic partners for essential system components.

About Tompkins Robotics

Tompkins Robotics t-Sort is a portable, scalable robotic sortation system that operates similar to a tilt tray sorter without a fixed track, moving freely to any divert or induction station along the shortest path.

Capable of handling parcels and units as small as a penny and up to 66 pounds, the t-Sort system can process a wide variety of items including apparel, shoe boxes, general merchandise, shipping bags, small-to-medium boxes and more. Its applications include e-commerce, retail replenishment, returns, shipping and can even be deployed in the backroom of a postal or retail location.