PULSE Integration, Announces Renovation to their Pittston, PA Location

WEPCO Pittston office

Beginning Wednesday, April 17, 2019, PULSE Integration’s Pittston warehouse and office space will be undergoing renovations to expand workspace and accommodate new technology.

The construction will take place over a series of three phases. Under the first phase, a new mezzanine will be constructed, office space expanded, and a cleanup effort will be made in order to create a more collaborative and engaging work area. This phase will also include new LED lighting, flooring, paint, furniture, and facilities to accommodate clients.

PULSE Integration is proud to announce its newest partnership as an integrator of AutoStore technology. To better demonstrate their technology and AutoStore design, they will be showcasing this new model in the Pittston office location under the initial phase of construction. The additional phases will include renovations to various departments revitalizing office space, conference rooms, and create a more engaging work environment.

The new renovation is a testament to PULSE Integration’s dedication and continued drive for innovation for their employees, customers, and future client needs.

About PULSE Integration, a WEPCO Company

PULSE Integration based in Pittston, PA, combines design expertise, seamless integration, and management transparency to our approach in small-and large-scale supply chain solutions for manufacturing, 3PL, and retail marketplaces.


WEPCO launches PULSE Integration

WEPCO launches PULSE Integration

WEPCO in 1971

WEPCO, a leading Material Handling solution provider for over 45 years, announced that it will launch its new brand, PULSE Integration at MODEX, April 9-12, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The purpose of PULSE Integration, a WEPCO Company, is to specifically help companies leverage the right mix of technology (digital and physical) in their facilities. Serving clients across the U.S., PULSE Integration has ingrained Industry 4.0 Thinking into the design philosophy at every level to deliver agnostic, data-driven technology solutions that adapt to consumer supply and market changes.

“We developed a new brand that defines who we are at the core of our business culture and philosophy,” said WEPCO President, Larry Strayhorn as he explains the need for PULSE Integration, a WEPCO company. “PULSE emerges from 45+ plus years of material handling heritage in supplying technology to manufactures and distributors as WEPCO, providing the industry with a fresh approach to systems integration partnerships.”

Strayhorn describes, “Our data-driven methodology is a transparent, open-book approach that allows project costs and detailed design processes visible to its clients from beginning to end. We find that our clients have been programmed to believe little transparency in the design process should be accepted.” Strayhorn continues, “We’re here to change that. We believe our clients should know what’s going on every step of the way.”

The creation of PULSE Integration, a WEPCO Company, is a direct result of Strayhorn being appointed President three years ago to expand the scale of its Systems Integration and WEPCO Innovations product lines.

WEPCO CEO, Christopher Paulsen, added, “We’re excited to launch Pulse at MODEX this year. What better place to debut a brand than inside a venue full of forward-thinking professionals devoted to developing cutting-edge technologies that move our industry forward. Our Industry 4.0 Thinking and Internet of Things inspired design philosophy resonates heavily with this innovative audience.”

A team of experts will exhibit as PULSE Integration, a WEPCO Company, at MODEX in Booth B767. The team attending will comprise of both material handling equipment and system integration experts ready to discuss engineered solutions with companies within the eCommerce, manufacturing, production/processing, and distribution/warehouse markets.