Mobile Transportation

Using Mobile Transportation (AMRs or AGVs) for Warehouse Logistics


In most organizations, employee resources are limited. Using valuable staff time to perform low-value tasks, like materials transportation, is a costly way to do business. Mobile transportation solutions such as AMRs or AGVs offer innovative solutions for restructuring warehouse needs and improving efficiency.

As more warehouses move towards Industry 4.0, mobile transportation has become a necessity for improving warehouse performance. As mobile transportation solutions continue to mature, selecting the appropriate option for your facility can be confusing. Technology solutions have become more cost-effective and our team of expert warehouse logistics engineers can provide a customized plan for your needs and budget.

PULSE offers full systems integration, ensuring a full-service experience from selecting the appropriate technology to enabling your staff for ongoing use.

Mobile Transportation Solutions available from PULSE

Mobile Transportation AMRs

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Autonomous Mobile Robots use integrated sensors to move materials without guides or markers. AMRs learn the environment throughout use and can dynamically plot its path from one waypoint to another without manual programming needs. AMRs offer flexibility and can selectively identify the best path based on conditions and requirements.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Automated Guided Vehicles are industrial machines programmed to transport goods throughout a warehouse of manufacturing environment. AGVs are guided by navigation guides permanently installed on the warehouse floor. If your warehouse is unlikely to change, both in terms of layout and workflow, AGVs may be a good fit for your operations.

Mobile Transportation: AGV

Which Mobile Transportation Solutions Should You Choose?

Determining factors about which mobile transportation solution can vary from company to company. Investing in a solution that will fit your needs long-term is the most important consideration when evaluating autonomous technology. PULSE will work alongside your team to evaluate the options and implement a system that best serves your business use-case today and in the future.