Robotics Automation for Warehouse Fulfillment

Robotics Automation Unlocks the Potential of your Facility

Robotics automation adds reliability and cadence to your material flow, improving availability and the overall effectiveness of equipment and process. Installing robotics automation allows you to reclaim otherwise unproductive floorspace and make smaller, more frequent deliveries. This reduces the overall amount of work in progress and lower on-hand inventory.

PULSE Integration will help you standardize your manufacturing processes and establish technology and methods that can be used across all facilities in your business. Our scalable solutions help distinguish your brand with a world-class culture of innovation.

Michigan Center of Excellence (COE)

PULSE Integration’s Center of Excellence for Robotics Automation

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan the PULSE Integration Center of Excellence serves as a primary development and testing facility for AMRs, robotics automation, and all technology used on future projects. Our dedicated engineers work tirelessly to understand and troubleshoot all technology before deploying it in your facility.

The PULSE Integration Center of Excellence encompasses 1,700 square feet in the demo area and another 1,200 square feet in the innovation lab. Conveniently located adjacent to our partner Alternative Engineering Inc. we actively collaborate with the individuals designing, manufacturing, and installing custom machinery and robotics.

OTTO Motors

OTTO combines the flexibility of a person with efficiency and reliability of automation, ensuring that the right items get to the right place at the right time. OTTO is designed to quickly adapt to different tasks, floorplans, and workflows with just a few clicks.

Automating your material flow doesn’t require a degree in robotics. The easy to use OTTO App empowers your team to connect to robotics automation processes using a tablet or phone. The easy to use interface allows users to quickly improve material flow within minutes from installation.

Map your Facility

OTTO Self-Driving Vehicles are capable of building a facility map in real-time and will safely navigate around people and infrastructure. Multiple sensors on each robot ensure that your new tools are never lost within the facility, and can intelligently route through dynamic environments.

Add Delivery Points

Program where pickups and dropoffs need to happen with the touch of a button. No matter how big or small your facility is, OTTO can be customized and designed for your application.

Designed for the Factory of the Future
OTTO uses powerful end-to-end APIs to automate and digitize your material flow. The OTTO Fleet Manager is your central dispatch and command center, managing the job queue and dispatching work so you don’t have to.